Nifty Home Products was conceived in 1991 with founder Frank Tiemann’s first invention, the Nifty Turkey Lifter. When Frank’s Thanksgiving turkey slipped off the forks and landed on the floor, he vowed to come up with a practical solution to avoid a future turkey mishap. Since that day, Nifty Home Products has been founded on the idea of solving everyday dilemmas with unique and innovative solutions. Since 1991 Nifty has marketed over 50 products, and now holds design and utility patents on all current products.


Our purpose is to provide our customers with “Nifty” solutions to your everyday problems that are unique, innovative, and affordable.


We envision a world where any problem can be solved with a little creativity. Our commitment to bringing new and exciting ideas to the marketplace is founded on five guiding values: leadership, innovation, quality, accountability, and loyalty.